Sunday, May 20, 2007

a kempis on The Great Eniemies of the Christian (The Flesh, World, and Devil)

As previously posted the Christian faces three great enemies--the flesh the world and the devil. Here is a Kempis' prayer against all three.
"O my God, you who are sweetness surpassing all speech, turn sour for me the taste of any bodily comfort that draws me away from the love of eternal things, enticing me to my hurt, by the sight of some pleasure to be enjoyed in this present lie. Do not let them overcome me, my God, do not let them overcome me, this flesh and blood of mine; let me not be deceived by the world and its fleeting glory; do not let the Devil and his wiles trip me by the heels. Give me strength to resist, patience to hold out, steadfastness to keep going until the end. Give me the sweet balm of your spirit instead of all the delights of the world; empty my heart of fleshly love and fill it instead with the love of your name"(a Kempis, bk. iii).

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