Monday, January 31, 2011

Various Distinctions to Help the Troubled Christian in Time of Temptation

There are some fundamental distinctions between the Christian and unbeliever.

(1) A child is never under the ultimate wrath of God.
(2) What may seem as the retaliatory wrath of God to us for our sin is but the loving paternal chastening of a father.
(3) The devil or other people may be the cause of our afflictions and not God--though he may be. Regardless this is within the bounds of God's sovereignty over our lot in life.
(4) The sin of a son is not the same as the sin of one who is not. Though a sin may be the same in name it is not viewed by the Father in the same way.
(5) The believer, far from being self righteous, has the most pure righteousness of all, an imputed righteousness, equivalent in degree to that of Christ's. Indeed because it is his. The unbeliever rests on his own righteousness which is no true righteousness at all.
(6) The devil's temptations are not our sins.
(7) A Christian has never or never will be a hypocrite. A "genuine" hypocrite is an unbeliever.
(8) The worst Christian is better than the best unbeliever.
(9)The dominion of sin is so removed to the point that it is not the new creature at all that sins (Romans 7:17).
(10) All things work to the good of the believer while all things work for the destruction of the unbeliever.
(11) The weakest good work and prayer of a child is accepted by God while the greatest good work and heart felt prayer of the wicked is not.
(12) The unbeliever can do no good. The believer can do no evil(Matthew 7:17).
(13) The unbeliever and believer alike owe a sin debt to both God and man that cannot be payed in and of themselves. The child's debt is forgiven on both accounts. The unbeliever's debt is continually incuring and remains unpaid. The Christian is under grace while the other is under law.
(14) The poorest Christian is richer than the wealthiest unbeliever.

Note: In the future I hope to elaborate on these points.