Sunday, January 27, 2008

John Knox Quote

"All worshiping, honouring, or service invented by the brain of man in the religion of God, without his own express commandment, is idolatry. We may not think us so free nor wise, that we may do unto God, and unto his honour, what we think expedient." (John Knox True and False Worship Pg. 23,26 PHP).

Saturday, January 26, 2008


It is my only desire to know you. All other affections in my life are nothing more than distractions. They are lusts of the flesh and temptations of the world. These are a burden to my soul, distraction from true knowledge of you and intimacy with you. In my innermost self which is in accordance to and bears witness with your spirit, I long to fellowship with you. Sometimes your presence is so overwhelming that it seems as if my earthly body cannot contain you. There are also seasons of despair and depression because I cannot sense your presence. I know, however, that you never leave nor forsake those whom you love. May my depression turn to rejoicing! Whether in times of trials, temptations, or sufferings that accompany this unredeemed flesh, visitations of your presence or abandonment, I will never deny you in my heart of hearts, but by your spirit I will say "Jesus is Lord." The lips that have cursed you will now praise you in light of your grace and mercy. Through the good times and the bad you are my God for evermore. Forgive me for grumbling when it seemed as if you had departed from me, such grumbling that is similar to that of what your people of old when they were delivered from the bondage of Egypt. Fearing that Pharaoh would again overtake them they sinfully complained. I too have been guilty of raising my voice in desperation saying, "have you brought me out of this land only to be destroyed in another?" Forgive me for cursing my circumstances and exhibiting such lack of faith. I will never curse you and die in such a state--an apostate to the faith. Though you would slay me yet will I serve you. I realize now that it is according to your good will, for your glory, and to my benefit, that your providence governs the affairs and circumstances in and of my life. I will do nothing but eat, drink, sleep and live my life according to your word setting my eyes on things heavenly: when I lay down, I will turn my ear to your word; when I awake during the night, I will turn my ear to your word; when I take on the labor of the day, I will turn my ear to you; when I worship you, I will eat of your body and drink of your blood in your sacrament, tasting to see that you are good; in my planning of life, I will look to you and enquire what it is that you will have me to do. I wish for you to be great in me. I do not want to be great but in you. I aim to be a man of great judgment of things spiritual, not simply judged to be great. I want to be last in your kingdom, and accept this wisdom, but Lord I desire to be first as well. Do not forget me in this matter. Not that I am first as men would count it to be first, but first in knowing you. It cannot be wrong in desiring be such for your kingdom, and in you, can it? If we hunger and thirst after righteousness we will be filled. It is your promise. I desire to be rich, not with the currency of this world, but according the treasures of your spiritual blessings. I want to be popular, but not in the eyes of the world, rather, to be such in your eyes and in the eyes of your people. If I am known I want to be known as a man of God. Those that I think are famous the world does not. The fame I desire comes only from being in tune with you. Such popularity as to be named with you is what I seek. And if no man know my name in this life and the ages to come it is no disappoint to me. All that matters is that I am known of you. The title of Christian is good enough for me.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Scougal Quote: True Religion

"True religion is a union of the soul with God, a real participation of the Divine nature, the very image of God drawn upon the soul, or, in the apostle's phrase 'it is Christ formed within us.' I know not how the nature of religion can be more fully expressed, than by calling it a divine life" (The Life of God in the Soul of Man Henry Scougal).

Monday, January 21, 2008

Book Review The Imitation of Christ

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis is the best devotional type book that I have ever read. I took a long time reading it, mostly as a daily devotion, so that I could digest every thought. One must be cautioned, however, in that he was a Catholic monk and every so often some tenants of Catholic theology surface. But not so much that the book is completely vitiated. On the contrary it is orthodox and a very powerful display of spiritual maturity for the most part. The small amount of error that is in the book can be taken with a grain of salt for a discerning reader. His love for God and his desire to implement practical theology to life as regarding how we ought to live one towards another is infectious.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Phamplet Review Why Do We Baptize Infants?

This pamphlet by Bryan Chapell is a very good survey of infant baptism. It is not a technical read, rather it is most elementary. It is very informative and definitive nevertheless. If one has questions regarding infant baptism I highly recommend this booklet. I can scarcely imagine any objections or lingering doubts in the mind of one that approaches this booklet in the spirit of an honest search for truth on the matter.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Book Review Of True Religion

I have just finished reading Augustine's Of True Religion. What can I say? Augustine is one of the greats. One can never go wrong in reading Augustine. Of True Religion is a powerful apologetic for the Christian faith. It is above refutation; it cannot be countered with any argument; and rebuttal on the part of an unbeliever would at best be disgraceful. I cannot do it justice. You simply have to read it. His mastery of presuppositional apologetics is second to none, and his talent for demonstrating how the natural universe testifies of God is captivating to the soul. This is no elementary read, however. A little bit of historical and theological context regarding the occasion of the work is necessary for an accurate understanding of the work.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Spurgeon Quote

"Brevity is a fine thing in a speech."
"Want of study, and want of really knowing what one is driving at, must bear the blame of many a long and weary talk. Hence a short speech is usually of better quality than a long one; and if it is not, it is all the better that it is short" (Spurgeon, Salt Cellars Pg.87).

My father used to say: "I realize that God spoke through an ass one time, but must we always be subjected to so many of these braying jackasses?!"

Friday, January 4, 2008

a kempis Quote

"Although I am always making good resolutions, yet through lack of grace to help my weakness, I recoil in failure at the least sigh of opposition. Lord your grace is absolutely necessary for me for starting off some good act, for improving it, for making it perfect. Without it I can do nothing; in you, and with the support of your grace, I can do anything. Ah yes grace is something from heaven; without it, our own merits are nothing, our natural gifts of no account whatever" (Thomas a Kempis, Imitation Pg. 206).

Here is a late happy new year.